Peter Carberry hails from the Holla, in Kenagh, County Longford. He is a highly accomplished accordion and banjo player. Peter started learning traditional music at an early age in his grandparent’s house. He learned his music from his father Kevin, a well respected banjo player and also from his uncle Peter on uilleann pipes. Jimmy Dolan a local piper was also an important influence on Peter’s early musical development. Jimmy Dolan was a nephew of the pipe maker James Mulchrone who was from neighbouring Co.Westmeath and he also made a set of pipes for Peter when he was young.

He emigrated to Manchester in the late 1960’s where he played with the legendary Felix Doran, Michael Gorman, Des Donnelly Senior and later had a hand in teaching Mike McGoldrick and Dezi Donnelly and others. He formed many bands including the famous ‘Toss the feathers’ and toured for a number of years. He moved back to Ireland in the late 1990’s to Co. Galway and recorded highly acclaimed album ‘Memories from the holla’, with his daughter Angelina and John Blake. He later moved back to his native Keenagh where he recorded his second album ‘Traditional music from Co. Longford’ which was described by Earle Hitchner of the New Y Times as ‘an album of deeply rooted, unhurried and glorious sets of Irish music’. He has played concerts and festivals all over Ireland and U.K since his return home.   

Peter lost the top of the second finger on his right hand in a freak accident. Undaunted, he compensated by playing second-finger parts with his third finger. In recent years, Peter radically changed his accordion playing style. He swapped the established B/C style for the old-style ‘press-and-draw’ C sharp/D style on advice from friend and virtuoso player, Martin O’Connor. In recent years Peter has been playing with piper Padraig McGovern from Co. Cavan, where Peter had his bases tuned to the regulators of the pipes and have their instruments tuned to the key of B which creates a new unique sound in Irish traditional music. Peter also plays regular sessions with a number of renowned musicians including Patsy Hanley, Harry Bradley, John McEvoy, Tony McMahon and many more. Peter has also handed down the tradition he was brought up with to his family Angelina, Roisin, Ryan, Peter his granddaughter Shaunagh and nephew Ruairi. Peter’s goal is to get the music style of the midlands into the media where it has been bypassed for so many years.


‘A deep connection to the music is obvious, also the subtle virtuosity, technique and sheer musicality within a uniquely personal style’

Patsy Hanley, Flautist


‘Having had the pleasure to listen to Peter Carberry play numerous times many years ago whilst in Manchester the one thing that has always stood out is his major love for the music. It appears from his newest release ’Traditional Music from Co. Longford’ that he has still retained the ability to attract the ears of music lovers for the total absorption and ability that is associated with his style of play’.

Eileen McCabe, Irish Music Magazine


‘An album of deeply rooted, unhurried and glorious sets of Irish music’.

Earle Hitchner, New York Times


‘Peter has that extremely rare talent for making tunes his own he can turn the most prosaic tune inside out and present it rejuvenated with his own inimitable stamp on it’.

Donal Maguire, Living Tradition